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    How Common is Crime in the US?

    Most of us will break a law in our lifetimes, even if you don’t realize it. There are many small laws that we break all of the time; laws that we might assume are immoral, but not illegal, or laws that we just don’t care about. Such is the case with everything from jaywalking, to […]

    The post How Common is Crime in the US? appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    serial killer truckers.

    A few years ago Jeremy Clarkson, the controversial Top Gear presenter, got into a lot of trouble by suggesting that all long haul truckers were serial killers. It was said in jest, and he certainly wasn’t implying that trucking turned you into a homicidal sociopath, but the bloodthirsty media went for the jugular. I am […]

    The post Why So Many Truckers are Serial Killers: Jobs that Break the Law the Most appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Prime suspect James Lane.

    Humble Texas, approximate population of 15,616 citizens, represents a smaller country style town located outside the Metropolitan city of Houston, known nationally as H-Town, where over three million people reside. Both cities are in Harris County jurisdiction. North of Houston off I-59 Eastex Freeway, Humble got its southern name from a Louisiana Wildcatter, historically known […]

    The post Will Blood Tell? Deep in Texas Heart Land … A Case of Murder appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    seattle police cars.

    The Seattle Police department released an audio recording of a fatal shooting where two white police officers shot a pregnant black woman. The shooting has inspired further concerns about police shootings both locally and nation-wide as the United States continues to struggle with the idea of whether certain groups are at risk from police violence. […]

    The post Seattle Police Release Audio Recording of Sunday Police Shooting appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    A few weeks ago I got into a debate with someone over irrational and rational phobias. They were trying to make the argument that their fear of clowns was rational because clowns can kill people. On the other hand, they argued, my fear of heights was irrational, because heights can’t kill me. The same applies […]

    The post Who Is More Likely to Commit Murder, Men or Women? appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reigned from his White House duties years ago to become the Mayor of Chicago. Since that time, violent street crime, primarily in the south side of Chicago, has skyrocketed. During frequent campaign stops during the fall campaign, then-candidate Trump referred to Chicago as “out of control” and […]

    The post Trump Sending Feds to Help Stop Chicago’s Insane Homicide Rate appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    I don’t drive, but I understand how cars work. By which I mean I know you press a lever, turn a wheel, and then try to avoid hitting cars and pedestrians as you go. I also know how insurance works. It’s a must-have, something that everyone needs and everyone-except for a lawbreaking few-have. Or at […]

    The post How Many Uninsured Drivers Are on the Roads? appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Criminals on TV.

    If you watch as many crime documentaries as I do, then you’ll draw two conclusions: if you so much as sneeze at a crime scene then they’ll catch you, and if you lie enough and have a good enough lawyer, you can get away with anything. It’s a contradiction, to say the least. The truth […]

    The post Stupid Criminals Who Gave the Game Away on TV appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    There seems to be a trend in police officers jumping to the wrong conclusion and using their firearms as the first line of defense. But when do the police be held responsible for their actions? Well, a family and some personal injury lawyers in Arkansas believe the time is now. Keagan Schweikle was a teenage […]

    The post Family In Arkansas Suing Police Over Murdering Their Son appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Facts About Serial Killers.

    In the last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on serial killers. Creepy, I know. But I swear, it’s just research. I’m working on a new project that requires it. Although I will admit to having a fascination about the subject as well. I just find it incredibly disturbing and yet […]

    The post Shocking Facts About The World’s Worst Serial Killers appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Capital Punishment.

    The death penalty is one of those things that will split any group of people. It’s something that everyone has their opinion on and something that easily divides groups, whether they are conservative or liberal. We are led to believe that the former wants capital punishment and the latter fights against it, but that’s not […]

    The post Punishable by Death: Capital Punishment Laws Worldwide appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Why don’t more white collar criminals go to prison? A new book with a title that is provocative (or distasteful, depending on your point of view), asks and attempts to answer this question. The Chickenshit Club by Jesse Eisinger, published by Simon & Schuster, was clearly an enormous undertaking. Eisinger has offered us a fascinating […]

    The post Why don’t more white collar criminals go to prison? appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Common Scams

    I recently helped to setup a website by the name of You-Reviews, the purpose of which was to provide reviews for an array of products and to also write about scams. Two things became immediately clear. Firstly, a large number of people, when looking for reviews and info on a product or service, will use […]

    The post Common Online Scams and Why People Fall for Them appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Mark Schlegel.

    Mark Schlegel, a talent agent for numerous TV stars, went missing Sunday. Schlegel, who works for Corner Stone Talent Agency in Manhattan, according to Deadline Hollywood, was, according to Deadline, last seen walking down a road several blocks from his home, carrying a gift bag. Someone Was Threatening Him Starpower Management CEO and Hollywood Sentinel […]

    The post Psychic Rose Stuart Reports on Missing Talent Agent Mark Schlegel appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    Philadelphia Skyline.

    A Labor Day block party ended in chaos on Monday, as a vehicle crashed into a crowd of people. The accident sent eight people to the hospital and occurred along the 1500 block of Ringgold Street at around 4 p.m. The vehicle, driven by an unnamed female, reportedly tried to go around the crowd of […]

    The post South Philly Block Party Accident Leaves 8 People Injured, Driver Charged with DUI appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    7092838963 251204ab93 k 100x70 - Innocent Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 77 Days After His Case Was Dropped

    Carlton O. Harris, a 28-year-old roofer from Washington, D.C., was wrongfully imprisoned for 77 days, even after the misdemeanor charges against him were dropped. Harris, a father of two from Southeast Washington, was only released thanks to the actions of a fellow inmate, who alerted his own lawyer to Harris’ plight. Harris was originally arrested […]

    The post Innocent Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 77 Days After His Case Was Dropped appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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    scam signs.

    The internet has connected the entire world together, but it does not have an infallible means of checking who is bad and who is good. The rise of online fraud has evolved greatly in the past 10 years, from the simple phishing email trying to get your personal information, to established companies, platforms and operations […]

    The post Five Signs Your Online Investment is a Scam appeared first on NewsBlaze News.

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